Twenty Bishops, Thirty Rabbis, and Forty Imams


Zack Beauchamp, The Democratic Party’s risky bet on Biden: Picking Biden over Sanders might seem like the safe electability choice, but the Ukraine situation makes Biden much riskier than many believe.

If y’all were feeling good about the coalescence behind Sleepy Joe, then Mr. Beauchamp would very much like to spoil your day. He has some valid points to make. But here are a couple of additional things to consider.

First off, I don’t know about you so I’ll only speak for myself, but if I heard testimony from 20 bishops, 30 rabbis, and 40 imams, all of them swearing they saw Biden gleefully accept a bag full of $100 bills from a corrupt Ukrainian politician, I would still vote for Biden over Trump in less than a New York second.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

The second thing is that the alleged peril to Biden all depends on whether he can now overcome a big blind spot, man up, and deal with this thing like a mature adult.

We mature adults all have the occasional lapse of judgment. We do well to remember that when Honest Abe said, “Honesty is the best policy,” Honest Abe was choosing his words carefully, and he was making a profoundly important point.