Ixnay on the Ullshitbay


This evening, the Weather Channel reports a massive snowstorm down in Hell. In other news, the Wall Street Journal has sussed out why so many people voted for Biden: there were “organic decisions by millions of Democrats eager to defeat President Trump in November.”

Four days ago I posted a message from a Super Tuesday voter who had ceased from tergiversation. It turns out that millions felt exactly the same way.

This evening, many of the paid pundits are grossly overthinking the Biden phenomenon—and, in some cases, confessing error. (Here’s one example.)

On the one hand, I do not at all deny the complexity of the current political scene. On the other hand, sometimes we see more complexity than actually exists.

I still don’t know what goes on in Orange Man’s head. But I do know that the following working hypothesis is fully consistent with his behavior. The hypothesis is that every day he wakes up and says to himself, “Self, what can I do today to piss off and to terrify our minority population? And what can I do to manifest my utter contempt for learning, competence, and expertise? And what can I do to demean and terrify people of learning, competence, and make them hate my guts more than they have ever hated anyone else in their life?

And, I must say, Orange Man has done wonders in achieving his apparent ends. His means have been perfectly suited to his goals.  It has worked like a charm. In their thousands and in their millions, people have just had enough of his bullshit.