Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I’m Tom Friedman—and I Demand a Government of National Unity

Someone at the progressive Sunday dinner table recommended Tom Friedman, Dems, You Can Defeat Trump in a Landslide.

Now, let me just say, first off, that it must be wondrously gratifying to walk around like Tom Friedman, forever certain in your certainty. Today, what Friedman seems pretty much certain about is that the Democratic nominee will be either Sanders or Bloomberg. He is even certainer that either Sanders or Bloomberg is sure to lose, big time, unless the nominee adopts Friedman’s suggested strategy, namely, to propose a ticket of national unity giving both progressives and moderates a place in the scheme of things.

It’s one hell of a lineup he proposes—including Mitt Romney as Secretary of Commerce and AOC as ambassador to the U.N. And many, many others.

Well, here’ something about which I am pretty certain: if nominated, neither Sanders nor Bloomberg would do any such thing.

I’m also pretty certain that Friedman’s hair-on-fire fear of losing to Trump is far from certain.