It’s the Economic Elephant in the Room, Stupid

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Jennifer Rubin has observed, as have we all, that pretty much nobody actually wants to vote for Amy or Mayor Pete. Jennifer has pondered this inexplicable phenomenon long and hard, and her intense and prolonged ratiocination has led her to a conclusion: Democratic primary voters are not voting for Amy or Mayor Pete because Democratic primary voters are stupid.

Now, folks, I am just guessing here. But what do you think are the odds that Jennifer, along with her ten closest friends, have not missed a meal in years; that they have no fear of being downsized into unemployment at age 57; that they have no trouble sending their kids to college; and that they have ample retirement savings? I would say the odds are probably high.

Jennifer and her ten closest friends are not people who are MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Maybe it’s your situation, not your stupidity, that might lead you to support the candidate who is explosively angry about inequality.

Let Me Go Out on a Limb, Here

I’m going to just consult my gut here. Going to make like Orange Man, place my hands on the terminus of my intestinal tract, and pull out some predictions for Super Tuesday:

Despite what I just said about the electorate, Bernie Sanders will not do quite as well as you either hope or fear (as the case may be).

Biden will do pretty well, but not as well as Jennifer Rubin hopes he will do.

Bloomberg will do better than most people expect. Not just because he spent a great deal of money, but also because what he is saying makes sense to lots of people.

By Wednesday morning, it will be apparent to everyone, even those of the meanest intelligence, that Amy, Mayor Pete, and Pocahontas are no longer factors in the race. And Sanders, Biden, and Bloomberg will be the three people standing.

That being the most likely outcome, if you were otherwise inclined to support Amy or Pocahontas or Mayor Pete on Super Tuesday, you should resist the temptation and instead cast your franchise either for Sanders or for Biden or for Bloomberg. (I say this as one who has contributed to two of the people I am now advising you not to voter for on Tuesday. Good money after bad, and all that.)