Loving Trump in the Time of Coronavirus


David Atkins, Trump’s Coronavirus Comments Endanger Millions of Americans: The president calling the outbreak a “hoax” sets an alarming new low.

Atkins minces no words. Among other things, he points out that Trump and Fox are encouraging their elderly audience to take no steps to protect themselves. The most likely result is that some non-trivial number of them will die before they get to vote in November.

But let us take a step back.

Harsh as he his, Atkins may understate the problem. It’s not just words. It’s also deeds.

On the one hand, I hear some experts saying that pretty much all of us are going to get the virus. And for every fifty who do get it, 49 will survive while the one who is most medically vulnerable will die before his or her time.

If that is so, and we are morally certain it is so, then the logical course of action would be just go about our business, keep on making widgets in our factories, keep the supply line to China open, and keep on watching concerts and sports events in mass crowds.

On the other hand, I turn on the teevee and what do I see? I will tell you what I see. I see very large numbers of people in South Korea dressed in space suits, spreading Clorox in all directions. I see Italian cities and towns in lockdown. I see news that Japan is shutting down all its schools for a time. I hear of authorities all over Europe contemplating similar measures.

So, that means that Orange Man has a choice, n’est-ce pas?

When experts start wanting people in space suits to start spraying Clorox in all directions, Orange Man can tell them no. When the experts tell us to shut down the schools—and, BTW, stop attending the mass Nuremberg rallies—Orange Man can fire their butts, if they work for the federal government. And the schools in the red states will stay open and the Nuremberg rallies will keep on a-happening.

And we will see what transpires.