On Predatory Unregulated Capitalism, and Other Thoughts from a Happy Acres Guest Op-Ed Writer


Introduction, By Arius Aardvark

The progressives of Happy Acres met a couple of days ago. About 35 showed up—representing a respectable percentage of the population here. When our leader asked who we were supporting, most showed the same hesitation that others show throughout the country. A few thought Bloomberg is the most electable. Buttigieg had one strong supporter. Bernie has his supporters, but others loudly proclaimed that he can’t be elected.

I had a followup email exchange with one of the group, Bramwell. I thought it was worth sharing, and she kindly gave permission to do so.

Bramwell Speaks

I voted for Bernie in the last Democratic primary and may do it again.  i am disgusted about all the Democratic handwringing and fretting about the “socialist” thing. I wish the party would start figuring out how to support Bernie or any other Democrat who comes out ahead in the primaries and prepare to do it with gusto and conviction.

 We should be talking about one of our greatest Presidents, FDR, who was at least as socialistic as Bernie and lead the recovery from Hoover’s Great Depression and was a major factor in saving the world from Hitler. We will be in a hell of a mess if we continue to leave America to unregulated predatory capitalists, and I think we should say those words five times to every time the Republicans say “socialist.”

 Somebody said that “America was born in sin and that sin was slavery.”  I believe that Trump is President partly because he gave the racist 30% permission to be racist and talk about reverse discrimination and deny the necessity of dealing with the long-term legacy of slavery. Why else would so many well-brought ladies here ignore his immoral and criminal behavior and join his cult?