Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


Politico would like us all to know that we should wet the bed copiously because Trump drives massive turnout in primaries despite token opposition: His campaign is fine-tuning its get-out-the-vote machine months ahead of the general election — a daunting challenge for Democrats.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So, fine, I’m very afraid.

So I took a moment to look at some numbers.

In New Hampshire this year, 296,622  voters showed up for the Democratic primary.

And what about the Republicans? How did New Hampshire Republicans express their white hot anger over impeachment? How did they respond to Trump’s massive, fearsome effort to drive up primary votes, as described so menacingly by Politico?

Well, 151,602  showed up for the Republican primary.

And did they all vote for Trump?

No, they did not. 129,696 of them voted for Orange Man. Meanwhile, 21,906 of the Republican primary voters in New Hampshire voted for Anyone But Orange Man.