Sometimes a Cigar is Only a Cigar

only a cigar

This afternoon, the internet is chock full of articles about how Bill Barr’s interview resulted from some 17-step convoluted Machiavellian scheme. God knows, his prior behavior fully justifies such suspicions—which are very probably right.

But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes even people like Bill Barr mean what they say.

The natural implication of the words he used is: If you want to fire my ass, that would be fine by me. And if you don’t cut out your horseshit tweeting, I’m outta here.

Some have pointed to the fishy account he gave of the timing of his and the Justice Department’s actions concerning Roger Stone sentencing recommendation. Fine. As some have suggested, haul the four prosecutors before Congress and let them say whether Barr is fibbing.

That aside, to me it has always seemed best to pay attention to what Barr does more than to what he says. This afternoon, they decided not to prosecute Andrew McCabe.

But that’s just step number 18 in the nefarious scheme, you will probably say.