The Morning News

Trump insists climate change is a hoax, and is doing everything in his power—which is substantial—to speed up climate change.

Axios tells us, There’s more oil and gas than ever—and the industry is tanking. (And, by the way, adds Axios, did we hear anyone say climate change?)

Trump still wants to kill as many of us as possible by taking away our ability to get health care.

When Trump took office, 41.3 percent of Americans disapproved of him. Within a month, Trump had managed to raise his disapproval to over 50 percent. It stands now at 51.7.

When Trump took office, his approval rating stood at 45.5. Today, it’s 43.8.

In the Democratic primary, some candidates are criticizing each other, and there are claims of procedural unfairness, in consequence of which it is inevitable that Trump will win again in 2020.


Thanks to readers in lots of places, especially Canada, Kenya, and South Africa, who turned out yesterday. And Mauritius, thanks for hanging in there.