Billionaires and the Debate


The Sheer Wealth Issue

Last night, someone dismissed Bloomberg’s appeal by allowing as how the last thing voters would want is someone even richer than Trump in the White House. That is, I believe, an unsound observation, arising from the failure to follow Sunzi and Know Your Enemy. In fact, I think a lot of folks on the other side worship Trump because of his alleged wealth. Bloomberg is the person best positioned to show Trump up for the phony he is.

The “Buying Elections” Issue

Last night, someone dismissed Bloomberg by saying, in words or substance, that it isn’t kosher to pick a wealthy, self-funding candidate who can vastly outspend everyone else. The claim, in essence, is that Bloomberg’s method of seeking the nomination is entirely disqualifying.

The argument has great appeal. But suppose, just for the sake of the discussion, that you think Bloomberg is the candidate most likely to win the general election. Do you want to disqualify him anyway, and pick the person next most likely to win, even though that person might lose?