whack a mole

This follows up on my previous post, Onward Christian Soldiers.

Like Morning Joe, when I was young, I was to be found on Sunday morning sitting in Sunday school class down at the Southern Baptist church, where the teacher was a little off in the head. At 11:00 AM I would attend the worship service.

Outside the door, some of the deacons and some of the burlier men of the church would be on guard, ready to repel any African-Americans who might plan, pardon the phrase, to darken our doors.

Inside, the preacher would speak of Jesus.

It was like listening to Beethoven’s Fifth on an old Victrola. The fidelity was low, as was the signal-to-noise ratio. But if you listened carefully, with attentive ears and an open heart, you could catch the tune.

Now, I worship on Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist church, where we don’t think that Jesus was God, and our prayers are often addressed To Whom It May Concern. But we still hear and embrace Rabbi Jesus’s message of radical inclusiveness and radical love.

Now, we are at a place where the foremost enemy of Christianity in the United States claims to be its foremost defender.

I do not believe this is a tenable situation, long term. I do not believe it will last.

You may say that I am just listening to my daughter, Pollyanna. That might be so, but I do not believe it.

In my experience, Jesus is much like whack-a-mole. The Grand Inquisitor take a swipe over here. Over there, Donald Trump pounds the hammer. In another place, Jerry Falwell, Jr., does his very best to suppress the Rabbi Jesus.

But Jesus just keeps popping right back up, in the place where you least expect him.

And now, in closing, ladies and gentlemen, Rabbi Jesus himself with like to share a few words with you: