A Bug or a Feature?

feature not bug

On Iowa caucus night, Mayor Pete seized the spotlight and declared victory while the results were still out. This put some noises out of joint. “He had no evidence,” the complained. In fact, though, he did have evidence: his own internal numbers—which turned out to be correct.

“He’s brash and aggressive!” they howled. Well, yes he is that very thing. But he manages to be aggressive while coming across as a nice guy. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is no mean feat. Normally, the nice guys are not brash and aggressive, while the brash and aggressive aren’t nice guys at all.

Don’t you look forward to someone who can unman Trump as skillfully as Joni Ernst castrates hogs—and do it with a smile on his face?

In any potential candidate, brashness and aggressiveness, appropriately managed and presented, are essential features. They are not a bug. They are a feature.

Now, this evening, we learn that apart from being too brash and too aggressive, Pete’s behavior exemplified white male privilege. Supporters of Warren and Klobuchar are saying that, if Pocahontas or Amy had declared victory prematurely, they couldn’t have gotten away with it because they are women. No, Pocahontas or Amy could not gotten away with a premature declaration of victory because the actual results showed them anything but victorious.

The New Hampshire Polls

I make no predictions, but the latest polls are showing essentially the same result as Iowa: Crazy Bernie and Mayor Pete with around a quarter of the vote, Pocahontas in a fairly distant third place, and Sleepy Joe in a world of hurt.


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