A Day of Intense Garment Rending

Iowa dragon

The garment renders have been working overtime today.


One popular reason to wring one’s hands and break out into a cold sweat arises from the average/mediocre overall turnout in Iowa. Some attribute this phenomenon to alleged apathy among progressive voters. Well, that’s certainly possible. But, in my view, it’s very much more likely that the reason why predictions of a record turnout in Iowa didn’t come true was that lots and lots of voters were in a quandary over who is the most electable—who is the most likely to defeat Trump.  A lot of them just stayed home. That’s probably what I would have done, if I lived in Iowa.

Biden’s Electability

Tonight, with his poor fourth-place finish (if the numbers hold), Biden’s electability argument has gone up in smoke.

Dubious and Dubious

The Sanders electability thesis is much of a muchness with the Trump electability thesis: it rests on the presumed ability of the hero to generate massive enthusiasm, thus turning out lots and lots of people who wouldn’t otherwise be voting. But, in Iowa, those folks did not show up for Sanders in record and unprecedented numbers. They just weren’t there.

I was always dubious about the Sanders electability argument. Tonight, I am dubioser.

My New Best Friend

I gave a little money—and I do mean a little—to Mayor Pete a while ago, to keep him on the stage. Since then, he has naturally become my new best friend on email.

Tonight, he wrote to ask for a larger contribution, and I gave it to him. If, for reasons I don’t understand, nobody wants to vote for Amy or for the other minor candidates, and if Biden isn’t electable, then it’s got to be Mayor Pete or Mayor Bloomberg in the moderate lane. And Mayor Bloomberg does not need any of my money.

That Damned Iowa App

Another popular source of garment rending today has been the cluelessness of the Iowa Democratic Party. Well, their performance is indeed an embarrassment. But get a grip. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t rend your garments.