Yes, They’re Hanging Upside Down, Caught in a Very Uncomfortable Place

squirrel balls

Shrinking violet Rahm Emanuel explains How impeachment could flip the Senate. Fun Fact: “Some 63 percent of voters in [swing states] Arizona, Colorado, Maine and North Carolina look unfavorably on the Senate’s decision to date to disallow witnesses and hide documents.”

Irrelevant elderly curmudgeon George Will muses on the theme, There is more utility than futility in the impeachment trial. Along the way, he observes,

The 20 Republican senators seeking reelection this November (incumbents from Kansas, Tennessee and Wyoming are retiring) will face voters after explaining why they voted as they did concerning trial witnesses, and for or against acquittal. Intelligent, public-spirited senators can reasonably disagree about the necessity (or, given the ocean of information that is public and undisputed, the redundancy) of witnesses. And they can differ about the applicability of the two impeachment articles. It will, however, be useful, and probably entertaining, to hear Republican senators’ reasoning.

Meanwhile, former President of the Mitt Romney Fan Club, Jennifer Rubin, sticks her neck out:

Nothing should be taken for granted but Bolton in all likelihood will make an appearance. Whether McConnell will force individual senators to walk the plank to vote against the president’s wishes or whether Republicans will simply agree by acclamation to protect vulnerable members of the herd remains uncertain. Equally uncertain is whether there are 51 votes for witnesses beyond Bolton. Democrats would like to hear from acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Mike Duffey from the Office of Management and Budget and White House aide Robert B. Blair. However, those witnesses may uncover the identities of further witnesses. Most important, with witnesses will come documents Trump had ordered withheld from Congress.

Republicans have no witnesses who can corroborate their thin arguments, none of which really contradict the House’s case. They keep threatening to call former vice president Joe Biden, but given how he is lapping up the admissions from Republicans that this is all about smearing him, Republicans might want to reconsider. Biden even made an ad out of one senator’s confession that Republicans were hoping the trial damaged Biden.

Just a Couple ‘o Thoughts

I have no idea whether Ms. Rubin’s cheerful prognostications will come to pass. This morning the talking heads on the teevee were saying that Moscow Mitch has something up his sleeve when he claims that he doesn’t yet have the votes to block witnesses and summarily acquit. But if he’s lying, they didn’t explain why, at this particular time, he’s telling that particular lie.

Assuming it is a lie, and not the literal truth.

Sometimes, as Freud may or may not have said, a cigar is only a cigar.

Sometimes, when you think you’re seeing a squirrel with his nuts caught in a garden pole, what you are in fact seeing is a squirrel with his nuts caught in a garden pole.