This Morning’s Read of the Day: It’s Enough to Make Pollyanna Weep

polyanna weeps

Ezra Klein, Why Democrats Still Have to Appeal to the Center, but Republicans Don’t: Polarization has changed the two parties — just not in the same way.

Young Ezra possesses remarkable wisdom. The first part of the piece elucidates the headline, and is very much worth reading. This is how he concludes:

The alternative to democratizing America is scarier than mere polarization: it is, eventually, a legitimacy crisis that could threaten the very foundation of our political system. By 2040, 70 percent of Americans will live in the 15 largest states. That means 70 percent of America will be represented by only thirty senators, while the other 30 percent of America will be represented by seventy senators.

It is not difficult to envision an America where Republicans consistently win the presidency despite rarely winning the popular vote, where they typically control both the House and the Senate despite rarely winning more votes than the Democrats, where their dominance of the Supreme Court is unquestioned and where all this power is used to buttress a system of partisan gerrymandering, pro-corporate campaign finance laws, strict voter identification requirements and anti-union legislation that further weakens Democrats’ electoral performance. Down that road lies true political crisis.

In the meantime, though, it’s important to recognize the truth about our system: both parties have polarized, but in very different ways, and with very different consequences for American politics.

Yes, and You Know What Else it is?

Heaven for the plutocrats while they can make it last. The French Revolution when the dam breaks.

And, by the way, if they can make it last in the short run by reelecting Trump, Trump is going to screw up so badly that the revolution is going to come a lot faster than they think.

Pollyanna happy