A Call from Pollyanna

on the phone

Pollyanna called to report that her crying jag, reported in my last post, did not last too long. She reminded me of a few things:

Sixty-five percent of Republicans and “lean Republican” people say they “trust” Fox News. That means that 35 percent of them do not trust Fox News.

Now, a lot of the untrusting 35 percent are in on the joke—delighted that they have found a way to fool the boobies into voting their way.

BUT, ten percent of Republicans think Trump should be removed from office. And, mirabile dictu, that percentage is up—from a low of 7.8 percent in recent days.

The inference—which might or might not be an accurate inference—is that about two percent of Republicans are capable of rational thought. Bet you didn’t know that.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, while the fat lady has not yet sung, everyone is predicting that all 53 Republican senators will tie themselves hand and foot to Dear Leader. That would include six senators, up for reelection this very year, with approval ratings currently under 45 percent: “Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Martha McSally (Ariz.), Cory Gardner (Colo.) and John Cornyn (Tex.).” I wonder how the ten percent of Republican voters who want to shitcan Trump will feel about voting for a senator who chooses to lick his boots, long and hard, and then to praise the smell and flavor of the fine Corinthian leather.

Finally, Pollyanna–clearly under the impression that I might have lost a step or two in my old age–that winning or losing elections is typically a matter of the small difference between two large numbers.