Here’s a Howdy Doo

Trial Memorandum of President Donald J. Trump

This morning, a portion of the legal defense team—once again missing Starr and Dershowitz—took another whack at the piñata.

The last sentence of the brief, which is to be found on page 109, demands that, and I quote, “The Senate should reject that Articles of Impeachment and acquit the President immediately.”

As surely as God made little green apples, Moscow Mitch would do that very little thing, and he would do it in a New York minute, if he could get away with it. But we have heard from multiple sources that Moscow does not have the votes to acquit, before the Senate hears the arguments of counsel.

Here’s a Howdy Doo

Dear Leader has now forced good ole Moscow into a posture where he can either

  • defy Dear Leader and refuse to call for the vote Dear Leader wants on premature acquittal, or he can
  • call for a vote and see a majority of the United States Senate vote against Dear Leader’s position.

The latter would not be a good look for President Narcissism.

And Here’s Another Howdy Doo

If the vote is called and you are a Republican senator, you can either