Something is Wrong with Pocahontas


Elizabeth Warren’s earnestness and intellect appeal to me. But beware earnest, smart, appealing people who lack good judgment.

By all means, invite such people to your next cocktail party. But do not give them positions that demand solid good judgment.

I understand that Senator Warren sensed her campaign was sputtering, and that she needed to draw some distinction between her and Bernie. An obvious choice was available. He calls himself a “socialist,” while she calls herself a “capitalist.” She could have made the claim that someone calling herself a “capitalist” is more electable that some who calls himself a “socialist.” That claim might even be true. Certainly, it wouldn’t be dishonest or implausible.

Instead, she picked a fight over a private conversation from long ago. Picking that particular fight exhibited very bad judgment, even if Bernie is lying about the conversation and she is telling the truth.

This episode, along with others from her past, give me grave concern.

It’s time for Democrats who want a nominee espousing what passes for a radical agenda in the United States to rally round Bernie.

It’s time for Democrats who emphasize electability to rally around someone else.