Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, Hundred Battles, Hundred Victories


Sunzi’s wise observations direct me toward two morning reads.

Know Your Enemy

Please grit your teeth and read John F. Harris, ‘He is our O.J.’: POLITICO readers explain why they’re standing with Trump during impeachment.

There’s a great deal of information in this article, and I’m not going to try to summarize it. But let me make a few basic points.

First of all—and I hope this comes as no surprise to you—lots of people think very differently from you and me.

My second point is two-handed. On the one hand, it’s unwise on many grounds to try to win arguments with bogus facts and faulty logic. On the other hand, if you actually want to win, try to see if you can make some logical, fact based arguments that will appeal to your audience—even if they are not the arguments that seem most salient to you.

With those thoughts in mind, please reverse engineer the information in Harris’s piece, and think of arguments that might appeal to his correspondents.

Here’s a hint: if they like Trump because he’s “strong,” make a persuasive argument that he’s really ____.

If they like Trump because he’s “authentic,” then make the case that he’s really ___________.

See, that isn’t so hard, is it?

Know Yourself

To find out how to win in 2020, check out Kristee Paschall, What if Democrats Tried Real Outreach? We reached out to nonvoters and infrequent ones in the 2018 midterm elections and saw astonishing results.


Oopsy, daisy. Several readers from Russia, again.