Temeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes


A friend, and fellow brother of the far, writes this of Bolton’s forthcoming testimony. (Google Translator amusingly mistranslates it as “random Greeks bearing gifts.”) I share his sentiments, as does Greg Sargent: we just don’t know what the hell Bolton will say, and there is a plausible, speculative case that he might shape his testimony to screw the Democrats.

That said, I think—unlike my friend, apparently—that the more likely scenario is that, if and when Bolton ever tells his story, it is Trump who will be the screwee.

And, on that assumption, as Sargent lays out persuasively, the Republicans who want impeachment to just go away are in a mell of a hess.

As a former antitrust lawyer, I know far too much about illegal conspiracies and attempts to cover up illegal conspiracies. Coverups are always highly problematic. And Trump’s ludicrous attempts to cover up Ukrainegate will go down in history as the mother and father of all screwups: a reasonably successful effort to prevent Trump-friendly witnesses from testifying, combined with an hilarious failure to keep the bad evidence from coming out.

Someone should tell President Numbnuts that you want to do it the other way around.