Enquiring Minds Want to Know

George Packer has some questions about Iran strategery:

What would that war look like?

How will Iran fight it?

How will the U.S. respond?

What credible allies will we have, after Trump’s trashing of the nuclear deal thoroughly alienated Europe?

Who will believe any intelligence about Iran’s actions and intentions from an administration that can’t function without telling lies?

How will American officials deliberate when Trump has gotten rid of his experts and turned his government into a tool of personal power?

What is the point of having a Congress if it has no say about a new American war?

What is our war aim, and how can it be aligned with Trump’s obvious desire to be rid of any entanglement in the region?

What will happen if Jerusalem becomes a target and Israel enters the conflict?

What will the American people accept by way of sacrifice, when nothing has prepared them for this?

Meanwhile, if you have been following the news today, you will have already Sherlocked out why Trump wants war.

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