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Greg Sargent, Greg Sargent, Susan Collins and Joni Ernst reveal weakness of Trump defense

Jennifer Rubin, Schumer has these five advantages in impeachment

Laurence Tribe, Don’t let Mitch McConnell conduct a Potemkin impeachment trial

Everybody has noted the hardening of positions on impeachment, and lots of poohbahs have predicted everything will stay locked in place. I don’t know, but that’s probably true.

But it’s also true that Orange Man has decided to stonewall on the witnesses with that celebrated “direct knowledge” of relevant facts, and Moscow Mitch has chosen to be Orange Man’s lap dog, this despite the fact that

  • 71 percent of our body politic want to hear from Bolton and the others, and the fact that
  • in a trial to be presided over by a Republican Chief Justice, and a clear majority on the jury, Trump cannot avail himself of the bogus complaint that he’s in a venue biased against him, and the fact that, according to the polling data,
  • a portion of those opposing impeachment have bought the “no direct evidence” argument, concluded that Trump probably didn’t do what is alleged, but would really like to hear from the most knowledgeable witnesses—in order to button up their assumption that Trump is an innocent man.

Also, please remember that, whatever Orange Man and Moscow Mitch say about witnesses, the House prosecutors can still call on whatever witnesses they choose to call, the Chief Justice will have to rule on the request, and the full Senate will have to decide whether to accept the Chief Justice’s ruling or vote it down.

Ditto, when Trump’s trial counsel, whoever he or she may be, calls Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, and Hunter Biden to take the stand.

Greg Sargent’s piece shows us how, as a result of all this, Republican senators in swing states are tying themselves into knots that a pretzel would envy.

The Hogwarts sorting is continuing to work its magic—and it’s going to keep on sorting for some time to come. The swing state Republican senators are sticking with Trump. But with every day that passes, they are compelled to take positions that are more and more ridiculous.


My View from Thirty Thousand Feet

The Republican Party has almost, but not quite, become entirely the Party of Trump. I think the impeachment process will pretty much finish the job. It’s like a jar of dirty liquid, left out in the sun to evaporate down to toxic sludge.

If the Republican Party were not willfully toxic, I might mourn the coming political extinction of any remaining “moderate Republicans.” But the “moderate Republicans” are being compelled to pose as “moderates,” in order to con enough centrists into voting for them, so that they may keep on functioning as Orange Man’s enablers.

Susan Collins and her ilk are just about to retire into that obscurity which they so richly merit.