What Trump’s Responsive Move Would Be, If He Were a Rational Bad Man

thinking irrationally

My preceding post describes the Democrats’ gambit as of this Sunday.

How would a rational bad man in Trump’s position respond? He would be thinking along these lines:

In a real trial, you can’t hide behind “executive privilege” or some such claim to cherry pick the evidence that supports you, while burying the evidence that shows your guilt. If you try to do that in a normal trial, the judge will say you have “waived” the privilege, and make all the relevant evidence come out.

But I, President Rational Bad Man, am in a much better position. I could get away with answering the Democrats’ case with cherry-picked evidence.

And the Republicans will bloody well let me get away with it.

And the “trial” would bear some resemblance to a fair process, if he didn’t look at it too closely.

And so, as a rational bad man, that is my best course of action.

And, so, that is what I shall do.

Will Orange Man Act Like a Rational Bad Man?

Who knows? But I very much doubt it.

And here’s the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae. A glance at the calendar shows it is December 15. The Senate trial is about three weeks away.

And Orange Man still hasn’t picked his trial counsel.