Talking Heads, Male and Female

This morning, the talking heads on the teevee were busy talking about Biden’s temper tantrum. The talking heads of the male persuasion thought he did just fine, because he “showed emotion” and “pushed back.” The female talking heads were entirely unimpressed by his manly strength and hot temper, given the fact that keeps on giving bullshit responses to a legitimate and highly relevant question: in essence, Didn’t your son make a mistake in Ukraine, and didn’t you make a mistake by not disavowing his actions?

I’m probably losing my Y-chromosomes, but the ladies were clearly right on this one.

Nancy Pelosi just got through showing us that when a hostile person asks you a bullshit question, go ahead and push back, and push back hard. But when someone asks you a reasonable question, give a reasonable response to the question they asked.

Even if you object to their tone. In fact, especially when you object to their tone.

The Great and the Good, Pushing the Envelope

Over and apart from my general objection to bullshit answers, there’s a more specific concern that rings my bells. A lot of Hillary’s undoing grew out of her attitude that she was one of The Great And The Good—and that it was really unsporting for anyone to draw attention whenever she, or someone in her family, was pushing the envelope, ethicswise. Her attitude of high moral superiority just sort of left a bad odor in the room.

Everyone screws up now and then. But it’s not good to deny the screwup and impugn the motives of the one who questions you about the screwup.

Not exactly the way to win friends and influence people.


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