The Republican Minority Report: Standing on Shaky Ground

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I have reproduced the second paragraph of the Conclusions section of the Republican minority report issued yesterday. It’s a long document, and this quotation appears on page 109. (If you have time on your hands and want to read it, it will be found here.)

Please read the first sentence of the paragraph thoughtfully and carefully. It declares, “The Democrats have not established an impeachable offense.”

Then look at the remaining four sentences of the paragraph, each making the demonstrably false claim that the Democrats’ evidence “does not support” or “does not establish” this, that, or the other.

I will not say that the paragraph I have reproduced amounts to an admission that proof of any, or some, or all of the four undeniable propositions which they try to deny WOULD amount to proof of an offense—and not only that, but also proof of an impeachable offense.

I will not claim an “admission,” because I do not wish to overstate my case. And I do not wish to overstate my case, because an argument that overstates the case is not a persuasive argument.

However, I do claim that paragraph two of the Republicans’ Conclusion, as reproduced above, contains the very strong implication  that proof of any, or of some, or of all of the four undeniable propositions would justify impeachment.

And that, ladies and germs, puts the Republicans on shaky ground indeed.

It implies that, to avoid impeachment, Trump must persuade voters to believe him, not to believe their own lying eyes.

shaky ground