Waiting for Impeachment

Useful Idiot

Pundits are pontificating on Louisiana’s Senator Kennedy as a useful idiot for Russian propaganda[1] and on the utter bad faith of the Republican defense of Trump.[2] And a Never Trump web site informs us about The Twelve Senate Republicans Who Might Vote to Remove Trump from Office.

Of course, a great many things might happen. I might wake up tomorrow morning and decide to become a professional wrestler. The sun might rise tomorrow in the west rather than the east. The pope might join the Satanic Temple.[3] Or, His Holiness might decide to walk in the woods and take a shit among the trees.

As I said, many things might happen. But I shall speak of what is  happening.

What Is Happening

One. Democrats have produced abundant evidence supporting the accuracy of their Ukraine narrative. Republicans have not offered any contrary evidence. They have not proffered a plausible alternative narrative. They have not even proffered an implausible alternative narrative.

One might say, speaking metaphorically, that the DNA on the blue dress has been tested, and the results are not good.

Two. This is unfortunate for the Republicans. But they are left with a binary choice. If they want to make any faint effort by way of an argument that some folks in the middle might find persuasive, they would adopt the bad-but-not-impeachable. I have explained the five overwhelming reasons to take this approach.

Or, in the alternative, they might argue—again speaking metaphorically—that the DNA test was fake and that using a cigar on your intern’s nether regions is not “sex.”

Three. Clearly, they are going for the metaphorical fake-DNA-test-cigar-stimulation-OK defense.

Four. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and the Republican pols have chosen to make arguments that will meet with approbation by the 53 percent of self-identified Republicans who think that Trump is a greater president than Abraham Lincoln.

And, probably, only by that group.

Five. In consequence of all the above, the impeachment effort will contribute significantly to the ongoing processes that are dividing us into two distinct and discreet groups: Trump Cultists and Everybody Else.

[1] James Downie, The useful idiot from Louisiana

[2] Greg Sargent, The latest defense of Trump is a total scam. Republicans just confirmed it themselves.

[3] On going to the web site, I happened to notice that they have some special holiday deals on their merchandeise, but the deals are expiring soon. Act quickly, or the opportunity will pass.