The Party at the End of the World

Slate informs us that

CBS reported Monday that Caliburn International, a for-profit company that holds federal contracts to operate detention facilities for undocumented children, had booked a holiday party at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. The company’s board of directors includes former Homeland Security secretary and White House chief of staff John Kelly, who helped implement the administration’s family-separation policy. Caliburn made plans to hold the party at a different venue after CBS’s report was published.

Calling Paris
Come in London
Come in New York
Hello Rio
The bad news is the world is ending
The good news is there’s a party
But you better get here quick

When you feel like a written off actor on Deadwood
About to get fed to the pigs
When that preacher’s bus from hell
Blastin’ just cowbell
Parks itself in front of your digs

There’s a place you can go called Tierra Del Feugo
Down in the Southern Hemisphere
It’s kinda Troy without Helen
Past the Straits of Magellan
Things are always looking up down here

It seems like I’ve run out of reasons to be here
So I’m just gonna steal from myself
If your attitude’s appalling
There’s a latitude that’s calling
Get yourself past that continental shelf

Now the band that we hired
Is playing quite inspired
Singing Eskimos and eunuchs from Bangkok
And this location’s so nice
We’ll never run out of ice
‘Cause Antarctica’s just around the block

And there’s a party at the end of the world (end of the world)
Where the locals do the tango twirl (tango twirl)
Now don’t make that big mistaica
And wind up with Miss Jamaica
At the party at the end of world

Flying machines, yellow submarines
French girls in cowboy decor- “D’accord”
RSVP isn’t needed you see
And they all just be screaming for more-AMOUR

Now in case you hadn’t heard
Things are getting quite absurd
No one really shocks us that’s for sure
Roadside bombers and tsunamis

But I’ve spoken to the yogis
And had meetings with my roadies
Who tell me that arrangements are complete
Just below the “Roaring forties”
I am going to fly some sorties
So you best reserve that cherished window seat

To the party at the end of the world (end of the world)
Where the locals do that tango twirl (tango twirl)
I don’t care about “the Rapture”
When there’s native girls to capture
There’s a party at the end of the world

Who cares if there’s no playa
We’ll be rocking in Ushuaia
At the party at the end
You surely must attend
The party at the end of the world