Getting Crazier by the Day, and the Fat Lady’s Still Warming Up

N.Y. Times, A Senate Trial Could Put Trump’s Use of Aggressive Defense Tactics to Their Biggest Test

Greg Sargent, Trump’s impeachment trial will be a sham. Here’s how to blow up his lies.

As I said, gettin’ crazier by the day. Sometimes by the hour.

It feels like the irresistible force is about the collide with the immovable object. It feels like things are about to blow up.

I don’t know how this ends. I haven’t spoken with my daughter Pollyanna lately. I am not here to spread sunshine and joy and optimism. I am not here to tell you that good always triumphs over evil and truth always triumphs over lies. But I am here to say that things are about as fluid as they can be, and that it’s going to get worse for the Orange Man.

At some point, John Bolton will shoot his bolt. Giuliani’s goon is said to be about the sing like a canary. Giuliani, himself, may yet be thrown under the bus—causing him to invoke his insurance policy. More civil servants will probably come forward. More documents will be leaked.

And now this.

Often, Trump lies with conscious intent to deceive. Sometimes, he acts delusionally: the person he has deceived is himself. As far as I can tell, in the latter category is his fairy tale about a Ukrainian company that isn’t Ukrainian and a Democratic server that is not in fact being held in a secret location in Ukraine.

As the above two articles detail, Trump has ordered that his impeachment trial must try to prove these fairy tales and that all members of the Republican Cult must endorse them. Some are now doing that very thing.

Meanwhile, as Gerg Sargent points out, the Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by a Repubican senator, has investigated these claims thoroughly and is about to declare them to be the fairy tales they are.

Like I said, push coming to shove.