Just Another Lazy Saturday Afternoon in Bizarro World

Shit Show Pony

Philip Klein, Democrats are making a mistake by rushing impeachment vote

That’s because, Mr. Klein allows, we really don’t yet have a witness who heard Donald Trump declare, “Let’s extort the Ukrainians by denying them weapons until they dig up bogus information on my political appointments.” So, he claims, we need to take as long as not takes to find such a person.

Barbara McQuade, Trump Has Committed an Impeachable Offense. A More Important Question Looms.

Writing from a prosecutor’s perspective, Ms. McQuade argues that the first step is gathering persuasive evidence that a crime has occurred. But, before indicting the defendant for that crime, the prosecutor needs to exercise her discretion by also considering whether prosecution will have a deterrent effect and what the collateral consequences of prosecution might be. (I would have thought she might add in the heinousness of the crime—i.e., whether the potential defendant merits punishment.)

She implies, though she does not say specifically, that the House might consider alternatives in this case.

Censure, anyone?

Susan B. Glasser, THE AWFUL TRUTH ABOUT IMPEACHMENT: Facts be damned is Trump’s approach, and it’s working.

By “working,” Ms. Glasser appears to mean that Trump is succeeding in forcing elected Republicans to climb down into his fact free rabbit hole. She adduces no evidence that Trump is successfully gaslighting the previously gaslight-resistant portion of our population.

Washington Post, How Trump keeps making it tougher for his GOP impeachment defenders

This is what happens when an idiot exercises his right to be his own attorney.

Thinking About Strategy on a Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Persuading two thirds of the Senate to remove Trump from office was highly unlikely when the impeachment effort began, and it remains highly unlikely now. You might waste a dollar to buy a lottery ticket, on the highly unlikely possibility that you might win. But it would be unwise to spend the mortgage money on lottery tickets.

Nevertheless, several objectives justify the impeachment effort. One is to try to deter the little Ceasar in the Oval Office from acting on the worst ideas that enter into his head. A second is to take a strong position against efforts to change fundamentally the balance among the three branches of government. And a third is to force the Republican empty suits into an untenable position—driving a wedge even deeper between the cultists and the traditional suburban Republican voters. It seems to me that third objective is going just fine for our side. Witness what just happened in Kentucky and Louisiana.

The Big Picture on the Republican Dilemma—Strategerywise

Republican politicians are hamstrung by the rabid views of a very large portion of their base, yet face political extinction as demographic changes occur in Georgia, Texas, and elsewhere. Their solution is to establish a presidential and judicial dictatorship, to keep themselves in power. Benjamin Franklin said we have a republic, if we can keep it. They have decided they don’t want to keep it.

Responding to Political Nihilism

This is most regrettable, but wringing our hands and rending our garments is not an adequate response. Rather, if they want to engage in political nihilism, what we have to do is expose them. I want Susan Collins in Maine to take Trump as her lover. I want Tom Tillis in North Carolina tied hand and foot to Trump. I want Joni Ernst of Iowa performing fellatio on the Orange Man. I want John Cornyn of Texas licking his boots. I want Martha McSally of Arizona to be discovered in bed with him.

I want them all spouting utter nonsense.

I want them all to explain, over and over and over, why withholding military aid from an ally under attack is not impeachable conduct.

And, BTW, Go Ahead and Pre-Impeach President Biden While You’re At It

And I want them all trying to use the impeachment trial as an effort to pre-impeach President Biden. Because I really don’t think that will be a good look for them.