The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, Which is Infallible, Would Like You to Know that Republicans Hitched Their Wagon to the Wrong Star

My attention has been drawn to a November 6 Wall Street Journal editorial—written after Trump’s Kentucky catastrophe but before his Louisiana debacle. The infallible WSJ Editorial Board concludes,

Senate Republicans know that … their majority is … at risk. They can’t win merely by turning out the Trump base. The GOP needs a strategy and agenda to regain support in the suburbs or they will lose the House, the White House and the Senate in 2020.

Buck up, everybody. No, don’t be complacent. And don’t accuse me of supporting complacency.

Just buck up. And remember the other side isn’t ten feet tall.

We are treated daily to massive gaslighting–making even the strongest minded among us question their hold on reality.

We are treated to a concerted effort to dissolve the boundary between right and wrong.

We are experiencing something analogous to an evil Nazi medical experiment on the body politic.

Science, enlightenment, and expertise are being tested.

But rationality will prevail.

You have it one the authority of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.