Louisiana to Donald Trump: Take Your Nuremberg Rallies and Shove ‘Em

Yesterday, Gov. Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, won reelection with 51 percent of the vote.

Louisiana has a non-partisan “jungle” primary election. If no one achieves a majority in the primary, then the top two candidates face off in the final election, held yesterday.

In the primary, the Democrat won 47 percent of the vote. President Lizard Brain inferred that, between the primary and the final election, he could go to Louisiana and hold some Nuremberg rallies and then claim credit when the Republican candidate won the two-person final election.

To put President Lizard Brain’s reasoning in context, I note that he won Louisiana in 2016 by a 20 percent margin.

And, as expected, the recent Nuremberg rallies did indeed gin up turnout among Trump cultists “in the state’s southern marshes, as well as in the rural northern and western part of the state.”

But rallies also ginned up even more anti-Trump turnout among African-Americans and suburban voters.


I see that, even though I didn’t post anything yesterday, I still have readers from Russia. So, Vladimir, how’s that Trumpy thing workin’ out for ya?