Dear Leader is Ill

lolcat get well

From Daily Kos:

On Saturday, Donald Trump was whisked off to Walter Reed Medical Center for what the White House Press Secretary would soon insist were “routine checkups.” Yes, on a Saturday. Yes, with no prior indication. The trip to Walter Reed was not on the schedule as of Friday, a source told CNN, and the medical staff was not alerted that Trump would be coming. …

So the story is that Donald Trump, famously lazy and extremelydevoted to finding time to golf on nearly every weekend, decided on a whim that rather than go golfing or sitting his behind down in front of Fox News he felt like randomly popping in, unannounced, to get some blood drawn because he’s been looking over the 2020 schedule and no, sorry, all booked up. Sure. Everyone has hobbies; if Donald’s hobby is unannounced routine medical visits who are we to argue. Perhaps the lobby has a brand of mints he hasn’t been able to find anywhere else.