The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Would Like You to Know that Georgia Voters Support the Impeachment Inquiry by 54 to 44 Percent

It is the eve of the first public impeachment testimony. The AJC writes,

The poll found that nearly 54% of registered Georgia voters approve of the impeachment inquiry into whether Trump tried to enlist Ukraine to open investigations into his political opponents. That’s compared with 44% of voters who oppose and 2% who don’t know or refused to answer.

Asked whether he should be removed from office, Georgians were almost evenly split: About 47% say he should be removed, about 47% say he should not, and about 6% did not answer or didn’t know. …

Support for impeachment is overwhelming among Georgia Democrats, with 94% in favor and only 6% opposed. Among Republicans, the opposition to impeachment is almost as strong, with 86% opposing impeachment and about 13% in favor. Independents are more split: About 55% approve of the inquiry and 43% disapprove. …

About 88% of Democrats say he should be ousted, a slightly lower proportion than support impeachment, while a higher percentage of Republicans say Trump should remain in office. The poll found 90% of Republicans oppose removing him from office, while 8% support it.

A slim majority of independents also oppose Trump’s ouster, with 51% against removing him and 40% in support.

The Numbers in Context

In 2016, Trump carried Georgia 50.44 percent to 45.35 percent.

In 2018, Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor, defeated Stacey Abrams 50.2 percent to 48.8 percent.

What May We Take Away?

So, from 2016 to 2018, the Republicans retained their base—just a smidgen over 50 percent of the Georgia electorate.

As of today—with the public hearings about to begin—13 percent of Georgia’s self-identified Republicans say, bring on the impeachment inquiry.

And eight percent of Georgia Republicans have already decided Trump should be chitcanned. These, one may surmise, are the Georgia Republican voters who actually read the actual newspapers.

What May We Predict?

First, the numbers will probably change.

Second, because the Republicans have no real facts to offer in Trump’s defense, and no real arguments to offer in Trump’s defense, the rational prediction is that the numbers will move against Trump.

Third, because of tribal feeling, the numbers may not move very much.

Among Georgia voters, then, Trump will sink a little more, and then he will stop sinking.

But, always remember, boys and girls, that winning or losing is often the small difference between two large numbers.