Well, Maybe I Wouldn’t Go Quite THAT Far

Referring to the same Washington Post poll I addressed here, Martin Longman enthuses, Hope for Humanity as Trump’s Base Begins to Leave Him:

I need some sign that the mass of humanity has a future, and Republicans who respond to surveys just don’t afford that kind of confidence. But I got a glimmer of hope with my morning coffee on Friday morning. The latest ABC News/Washington Postpoll (see full results here) provided what I’ve been looking for:

Trump is the first president since the early days of modern polling more than 70 years ago never to have achieved majority approval in office, and his average rating is 21 points below the average for his predecessors dating to Harry Truman at this point in their presidencies. Closest to Trump was Jimmy Carter, at 48 percent average approval.

Trump’s falloff from 44 percent approval in July to 38 percent now (it also was 38 percent in September) includes the drop among Republicans, noted above, from 87 to 74 percent. He’s also at just 22 percent approval among 18- to 29-year olds, matching the low…

…Along with Republicans, conservatives are Trump’s obvious mainstay, and another group to watch. From 77 percent job approval among conservatives in July, he’s gone to 67 percent today.

If, on the other hand, you require an antidote to Mr. Longman’s Ode to Joy, then permit me to recommend Garrett Epps, America’s Goodly Veneer Was a Lie: If the country awakes from its nightmare, the knowledge Americans will have gleaned from these years is harrowing.