“A Dramatic Realignment Among White Voters by Education”—a “Durable New Feature of Our Politics”



N.Y. Times, Are the Suburbs Turning Democratic? It Depends Where You Look: The political dividing line in America used to be between Democratic cities and Republican suburbs. Now it runs through the center of the suburbs themselves.

You will very probably like some of what this article has to say, and you will very probably dislike some of what it has to say. But if you have an interest in actually understanding American politics today—as distinguished from, say, just venting your spleen—you will do well to read it.

A Perverse Sorting Hat

My analogy: Think of The Donald as a degenerate Sorting Hat, giving impetus to a process that was already under way:

  • Gryffindors to the cities
  • Ravenclaws to the inner suburbs
  • Slytherins to the outer suburbs
  • Hufflepuffs to the rural areas.