Let Us Review the Bidding on Impeachment, as Matters Stand This Afternoon

50 Dead Men Walking

Coming soon, indeed.

Five points.

In Media Res

We remain in the middle of the factual development process. We can see very well what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like. But we have not yet reached the end of the tunnel. And the picture changes hour by hour. More bluntly, an already damning picture grows more damning, hour by hour.

All that said, prudence counsels that we reserve judgment on exactly what the picture will look like until all the witnesses (that we are going to hear from) have been heard; all the documents (that we are going to get) have been reviewed; and skilled lawyers have laid out the full case for the public.

John Bolton, anyone?

Trump’s Lines of Defense

(1) Serve up heaping bowls full of word salad with a battery acid dressing, and large helpings of  mendacious ad hominem attacks on the side.

(2) As each new bad fact emerges, reach deep inside your ass and pull out an utterly bogus, easily disproved counter “fact.”

(3) Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

In other words, cling desperately to the hope that tribalism and gullibility will protect you.

An Impeachment Backlash?

The evidence so far is that Trump’s base is holding. I am not surprised in the least.

But, based on the polling, there is no evidence—zero, zilch, bupkis, rien, nada—that the impeachment inquiry is creating a backlash against Democrats. All the evidence is to the contrary.

Walking Through the Cow Pasture Wearing White Shoes

Lots of folks are trying to step carefully around the dung that lies in their path. Examples include Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Moscow Mitch McConnell and any number of others. Predicting how these folks will ultimately land is a fool’s errand. Because I am not a fool, I will make no prediction.

But here is a prediction which, in my view, grows more likely day by day, hour by hour.

Dead Men Walking. Lots of Dead Men Walking.

I repeat myself on this topic, and I am unclear why no one else—at least no one whom I have read—has made the point.

In the deep, deep red states, congressmen and senators who stick with Trump will probably be reelected.

In swing states—and very probably in some pinkish states as well—congressmen and senators who stick with Trump are damned and congressmen and senators who don’t stick with Trump are damned.

Whether or not they have yet figured it out, they are dead men walking.

And at least one dead woman walking

Joni Castrator