“He May Not Have Early-Stage Dementia, But He Definitely Has Early-Stage Fascism”



And now, for Eine kleine Nachtmusik.

Clair Landsbaum, “He’s Unraveling”: Scaramucci Predicts the Trump Endgame:

“In the next three to six weeks, there will be more damning information related to the president” released, Scaramucci predicted. “He’s aware of it. I believe that [Mitch] McConnell will eventually go to him and say, ‘Hey, man. You’ve gotta take one for the team…you’ve gotta go back.’ He’ll probably end up back at Mar-a-Lago or something.” Though he says he hasn’t had a personal conversation with McConnell, who “plays his cards very close to the vest,” Scaramucci said he has “talked to a legion of people” who see the tables beginning to turn. “For someone like McConnell,” he acknowledges, “it’s going to take a little more lawless activity exposure.” But, he predicted, the evidence of more high crimes and misdemeanors will be forthcoming: “We’ll eventually uncover that something happened between him and the president of Turkey to have him disavow the Kurds the way he did. I believe there’s a personal transaction embedded there as well.”

The Self-Esteem of a Small Pigeon

Ms. Landsbaum continues,

Through all of it, Scaramucci predicts Trump will fight to hold on to power. Discussing the time the president tweeted at his wife, Scaramucci says, “That’s the president’s move. Calling me an unstable nutjob wasn’t enough; he had to go after” a private citizen. “He may not have early-stage dementia, but he definitely has early-stage fascism…. That’s a message to those people in the House, that’s a message to those people on Fox, ‘Don’t say anything. I’m a full-blown demagogue. You’ve got to be 13 for 10 for me…and if you’re not 13 for 10 for me, I’m going to blast you.’” (This is born of the fact, he says, that Trump has “the self-esteem of a small pigeon.”)

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