Correlation, Causation, and the Philosophical Essence of the Inner Asshole


Greg Sargent, Want Trump removed? New data shows Fox News is a huge obstacle.

Jonathan Chait, Why Congress Might Impeach Trump and Actually Remove Him from Office

The two posts are contradictory in their tenor, but both, I believe, make the same mistake with regard to the direction of causality.

I do not believe that Trump supporters have embraced their inner asshole because they watch Fox News.

I believe they watch Fox News because they have embraced their inner asshole.

Bonnie Mann, The Toxic Masculinity of the Trump Administration: It took a woman to break the spell that appeared to put the president above the law.

Dr. Mann, who is professor of philosophy at the University of Oregon, gives a fascinating take on the philosophical nature of the kind of inner assholery embraced by the Trump base.


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