Interestingly, About 67 Percent of Americans are Traitors

CBS published the results of a poll conducted October 8 through October 11, and released the results this morning.

Mr. Parscale, who manages Trump’s reelection campaign and who believes that it is treasonous to inquire about Trump’s wrongdoing, may be interested to learn that about 67 percent of Americans are, in fact, traitors.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 1.38.15 PM

Moreover, 16 percent of Republicans approve of the impeachment inquiry. But let’s look on the bright side for The Donald. He still has 84 percent of the minority of voters who picked him in 2016!

And—yet more splendid news—a lot his remaining 84 percent of a minority are all riled up!

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In fact, Trump’s majority of a minority is now SO riled up that people saying “No, he doesn’t deserve to be impeached over Ukraine” have climbed to a whopping 38 percent!

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And the good news never ends. A ginormous 29 percent of us are prepared to describe “Trump’s actions on Ukraine” as kosher! How sweet it is!

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It just goes on and on. To respond to Ukrainegate, a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious percentage of Republicans want their elected representatives to act like the assholes they are. Five percent of Republicans would rather they criticize Trump. And the remaining twenty percent will be perfectly OK if their senators just cower in the corner and suck their thumbs.

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And when offered a ternary choice rather than a binary choice, our nation’s current views on Ukrainegate, by party, are as follows:

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 2.10.40 PM

Summing Up: Who are the Hard Core Trump Base and How Many of Them Are There?

The best answer, one would suppose, comes from the data shown immediately above. Seventy-five percent of self-identified Republicans say “the impeachment inquiry is a political distraction” (while the remaining 25 percent say that it’s either “critical” or “serious”).

People identifying themselves as Republicans or as Republican-leaning independents make up 41 percent of our population. Three quarters of 41 percent is 29 percent.

Soooo … the 75 percent of Republicans who think it’s all a political distraction are pretty clearly the same 29 percent of all ‘Mericans who think “Trump’s actions on Ukraine” were “proper.” And they are pretty much the same 70 percent of Republicans who told pollsters that they want their elected representatives to respond to Ukrainegate by acting like assholes. (Why only 70 and not 75 percent? I don’t know. But a logical explanation might be that a little slice of Trump’s hard core think he’s pure and innocent—and that most expedient thing would be to cough up the evidence, so that everyone can see how pure and innocent he is.)

Another somewhat inconsistent data point is the 37 percent of Americans allow as how “the administration should not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry.” But it’s exactly the number you get when you add up the Republicans who think it’s all a witch hunt and the Republicans who think Trump’s Ukraine conduct was wrong but not impeachable.

To Sum Up the Summing Up

  Percent of American Population
Identify as a Republican or a Republican Leaning Independent and Love to Drink the Kool-Aid 29%
Identify as a Republican or a Republican Leaning Independent, Only Sip from the Kool-Aid but are Stone Cold Partisan 8%
Identify as a Republican or a Republican Leaning Independent and Can Still Carry on a Rational Conversation 4%
Sum of the Above: All who identify as a Republican or a Republican leaning independent 41%