Sermonize Me No Sermons


Jennifer Rubin, A guide to Republicans’ lame excuses

Wall Street Journal, Republican Canaries in the Impeachment Coal Mine: Four senators up for re-election in swing states will be important leading indicators of GOP sentiments

The four states are

  • Arizona, where Trump’s approval rating is currently at negative 3 percent
  • Colorado, where Trump’s approval rating is currently at negative 15 percent
  • Maine, where Trump’s approval rating is currently at negative 13 percent, and
  • North Carolina, where Trump’s approval rating is currently at negative 3 percent.

Source of data: Morning Consult.

And do, please, remember that Trump “approvers” include a non-trivial percentage of people who dislike him but “approve of most of his policies.” As well as a non-trivial percentage of people who tell pollsters that they “approve” of him but that they would vote for one or more of the leading Democratic candidates.

Sermonize Me No Sermons

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the talking heads wailing and rending their garments over the silence of the Republican senators.

I have known corporations and law firms that systematically hired and promoted assholes, while systematically spitting out anyone of good moral character. Now, here is a hard question. If you systematically hire and promote assholes for a period of years, what do you get? You get a corporation or law firm run by assholes.

Think back to the article on Van Buren County, Arkansas, where actual Christianity seems to have pretty much disappeared, and where the light of civilization burns low. Van Buren County yearns to be represented in Congress by knaves and fools. So what kind of people do they elect? They elect

  • knaves,
  • fools, and
  • people who are happy to play knaves and fools on TV—and who, soon enough, grow into their roles and lose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and nonsense.

Will the Knaves, the Fools, and the Poseurs Vote to Acquit Trump?

Yes, I suppose most of them will do that very thing.

But it will be pretty damn awkward. There are four possible approaches to the “defense,” and they all make the “defender” look really bad.

Plus which, there’s another looming problem: how much more shit is going to hit the fan in the next little while?

And then there’s this: if he’s impeached but not removed from office, what else will he feel liberated to do in 2020?

And how are you going to react when they shove the microphone in your face and order you to defend your vote to acquit in the Senate?