Pretty Damn Awkward


Trump’s Distinction Between Right and Wrong


In Trump’s lizard brain, it seems to be fine and dandy to ask foreign governments to dish up the dirt on Joe Biden. He has done it often. A few days ago he did it loudly and publicly. He aggressively tweets that this it’s perfectly OK. And his Attorney General has given a bogus legal opinion that it’s not a crime under federal election laws.

Conclusion, premises considered: Trump actually thinks it’s fine and dandy to ask foreign governments to dish up dirt on the Bidens.


Despite the foregoing, Trump’s lizard brain seems capable of grasping that it’s very wrong to withhold military aid, recently approved by Congress, in order to coerce said foreign government to dish up dirt on a political opponent.

He repeatedly denied doing it. He denies it today. And he went to great lengths to cover it up.

Conclusion, premises considered: Trump is aware that it’s wrong to coerce Ukraine by denying military aid.

Well, congratulations. We have finally found an act that Trump regards as morally repugnant.

It took a while, but we got there in the end.

So, What Did Trump Do With His Moral Insight?

A normal person, contemplating an act that was both morally abhorrent and likely to be politically damaging, would say to herself or himself, “Self, I think it’s a bad idea, so I won’t do it.”

But what did Trump do? He said to himself, “Self, it’s a really bad idea, so when I do it, I had better make damn sure it’s covered up.”

And This Brings Us to Another Question

The question is, if you are a Republican senator with the morals of a sea slug, how do you defend what Trump did, once the cover comes off?

One, you can deny that the evidence is what the evidence is. Which makes you look like a big liar. And which also makes you look like you’re insulting the public’s intelligence—which you are.

Two, you can admit that he did what he did and defend it as perfectly Ok, or at most as a trivial peccadillo. Which makes you look like a moral leper—someone whose inability to distinguish right from wrong does not even rise to the standard of Donald J. Trump.

Three, you can try to distract and distract. Which makes you look like a coward, not to mention  a moral leper.

Four, you can stay silent, and sprint away when someone stalks you and shoves a microphone in your face. Which also makes you look like a coward and a moral leper.

Will They Do It Anyway?

Yes, most of them will. And the roughly 30 percent of our population who love Trump will enjoy the show and applaud the actors.

But that’s a big problem if your state isn’t so demographically skewed that the 30 percent  hard core Trump base doesn’t isn’t a majority in your state.

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