Throw ‘Em Under the Bus

under the bus

I was planning a short addendum to my Chicken Kiev post. There I predicted that some time around next Tuesday Trump will be trumpeting that it’s perfectly OK to bully Ukraine by withholding military aid to a country under active attack.

I would have added that a reasonable alternative prediction is that, some time around next Tuesday, he will have discovered that the whole Ukraine mess was Rudy Giuliani’s fault, with Gordon Sondland sharing in the blame. He will have cast himself in the role of Henry II, whose offhand remarks about the Archbishop of Canterbury were sadly misinterpreted by some idiotic minions—who now need to be drawn and quartered.

I was wrong on timing. It’s today, not next Tuesday. And I was wrong about the first victim to be defenestrated.

See Axios, Scoop: Trump pins Ukraine on Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

But don’t worry, Rudy and Gordon, your time is coming, and it’s coming soon. Because who is better suited to play the role of idiotic, sacrificial minion, against Trump’s Henry II, than Rudy Giuliani?