Of Theorems and Corollaries and Chickens and Eggs

chicken and egg

The Egg and the Chicken

I stand by what I said in the Kool-Aid post. But something needs to be added. Trump is the cause of some of the extreme polarization we now see. Certainly, he has exacerbated it. But, in the main, our polarization does not arise from some Trumpian magic secret sauce, some unique Trump-flavored Kool-Aid.

Rather, the direction of causality is the other way around.

It was the preexisting polarization that led to Trump. See, for example, the comments of two comparative political scientists: How Americans Were Driven to Extremes: In the United States, Polarization Runs Particularly Deep.

The Theorem and the Corollary

In and of itself, considered out of context, it’s remarkable that one quarter of us say there’s nothing that Trump could do that would merit impeachment. But this, I think, is a corollary, not a theorem.

The theorem is that the 25 percent in question have a God-given right to exercise dictatorship over the rest of us. Or so they believe.

From that, the corollary about Trump’s unimpeachability follows as the night the day.