A “More Strategic Response”?


Washington Post, Trump amps up attacks on whistleblower as some Republicans call for more strategic response to impeachment

A “more strategic response”?

Well, I guess that would be one way to describe what they need.

Washington Post Editorial Board, Trump’s tweets distract from the Ukraine matter, but we can’t ignore them:

These missives might seem to distract from the substance of the Ukraine matter, which perhaps is what Mr. Trump intends. They muffle the roar of misconduct and seize control of the narrative. But the threats can’t be ignored, because in one respect, they are the substance. The president stands accused of attempting to strong-arm another nation to sabotage a political rival, and with trying to cover it up. Now he means to menace Congress, anyone else with knowledge of his misdeeds and the public into not holding him to account. …

The only response to the president’s attempt to cow the country into letting him get away with abusing his office is not to let him get away with abusing his office. Congress and the nation must make Mr. Trump answer for his undemocratic intimidation tactics and for the bigger scandal he is using them to obscure.