A Difference of Opinion

Both commentators made important points, but I thought one key issue was missing. Impeachment proceedings may do something to deter Trump and, maybe of equal importance, to deter his enablers, from pissing on the Constitution more than, say, once a week. Undeterred, he would probably do it several times a day.

The impeachment process also helps to remind the enablers about what happened to Nixon’s posse. Remember John Mitchell, and where he spent 19 months following the end of his government service.

And a word about Shields’ and Brooks’ respective prognostications of how Republican voters and Republican senators will or won’t evolve over the coming months. Do, please, remember that as the House issues subpoenas, holds hearings, and otherwise goes about its business, Trump’s mental deterioration seems to be accelerating. There will come a time when even his supporters will grasp that the man has lost it. When they finally see that the elevator is no longer going all the way to the top floor.

I am reminded of the emperor and his new clothes. it’s not as if our emperor is naked. It’s as if he’s doing a striptease before our eyes.

By the time he gets to the point where he’s about to divest himself of his jockeys, some of the Republican pols may rethink whether they really want to keep hitching their wagon to his star.