Voter Weirdness: A Personal Recollection, and Some Context


I think that Dr. Wetts really has the goods on the Obama/Trump voters. But I don’t mean to imply they are the only breed of cat whose weirdness needs to be within our radar screen.

Let’s not forget all those formerly Republican suburban soccer moms who switched in 2018. We’ve got to be sure we understand what makes them tick.

Nor should we be unaware of how much general weirdness there is. During part of the 2016 campaign, Dr. Aardvark and I were on a Road Scholar tour. One of our companions was a middle aged African-American woman, employed as an administrator in a large public university. She told us that she was adamantly opposed to Hillary and, under no circumstances, would Hillary get her vote. Her reasoning? President Obama, in our companion’s opinion, acted far too “white,” and was not nearly “black” enough for her liking. And Hillary accepted a job as Obama’s Secretary of State. So Hillary must be a terrible person, too. So she was going to vote for the Green Party candidate.