Axios, Focus group women like Warren’s policies more than her:

APPLETON, Wis. — Elizabeth Warren’s left-wing populism is gaining popularity among some swing voters here, but they’re not ready to embrace her for 2020.

Why it matters: In a small, all-women focus group, some participants suggested President Trump would win on personality if the contest was between him and Warren — and that their doubts about her aren’t based on substance. …

The big picture: Most of the group preferred a left-leaning set of policies to a right-leaning set when no names were attached. But when listening to Warren talk about them in clips from the last debate, they were skeptical of her — and not because of the policies.

And the blunt language made it clear that Warren faces the kind of obstacles confronted by many strong leaders who are women.


One. There is a reasonable chance that in 2020, as in 2016, the election will be decided by a relatively small group of swing voters, mostly low information.

Two. Not only are they low information, but they also think in ways that more well informed and intelligent people find utterly surprising and counterintuitive.

Three. When you are on a battlefield, the first thing you need to do is understand the nature of the battleground. With regard to the 2020 election, that means basing decisions on electability on actual facts about what swing voters think, and planning accordingly.

Four. People who are scared of Elizabeth Warren’s electability on the ground that she’s “too far left” may well be barking up the wrong tree. But more information is needed on that score. See point three.

Five. Axios speculates about the effect of Warren’s gender on her electability, but fails to focus on her unique personality, as distinguished from her gender. My gut tells me that is a misleadingly incomplete view of things. But more information is needed. See point three.

Six. We live in a country where idiots are driving the bus.


Greetings to yesterday’s readers, who came from China, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, the [as yet] United Kingdom, and the United States. And to today’s readers (thus far) from Israel, the Netherlands, and the United States. I was going to make an observation about countries that know something of idiocracy, but I think I will just let it pass.