Impeachment FAQs

Trump's Constitution

George T. Conway III and Neal Katyal, Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top.

Maureen Dowd, Trump Walks a Crooked Mile: Has he finally gone too far?

Jennifer Rubin, We’re passing the tipping point on impeachment

Just the FAQs

Conway and Katyal urge Congress to do its constitutional duty and impeach Trump. But is there a syllable in the Constitution which mandates that, when using the tools provided by the Constitution, one has a moral obligation to ignore political reality?

No, the Constitution imposes no such duty, express or implied.

Is Ukrainegate worse than Putingate?

In my opinion, it’s very, very bad, but it’s not worse than Putingate. Putingate is treason, while Ukrainegate is just corruption and malfeasance.

Trump’s remaining supporters are willing to accept narcissistic delusion, spectacular mendacity, and unbridled ignorance for the sake of … something—be it tax cuts, fetuses, deregulation, or maybe just royally pissing off the sensible part of our population. Is there any reason on God’s green earth to suppose that Ukrainegate will make them change their minds?

No, there is not.

In view of the foregoing, should Nancy Pelosi change her mind about impeachment?

Over to you on that one, my fellow Americans. Over to you.