And Now, a Statement by Macbeth’s Attorney, Rudy Giuliani


“I think Macbeth had every right to do what he did. I see no reason why he wouldn’t. These witches, or whatever they are, they did the patriotic thing, which was to give him information, and frankly I think he would be a fool not to act on that information, and as King of Scotland, he has a right, he has a right to defend himself even if that means maybe having to get rid of somebody else who was king before him, because what we’re dealing with here, Chris, is a corrupt system. That’s the bottom line. He had every right to stab King Duncan. I am not saying that he stabbed King Duncan, but if he had, it would have been his right, because the corruption he was dealing with goes back decades and can be seen reflected in mirrors for eight generations of kings and beyond. Ask anyone. Ask anyone with a cauldron, Chris, and they’ll tell you.”

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