Tougher than John Wayne Toilet Tissue

John Wayne TT

New York Times, Trump’s National Security Aides to Meet on Possible Iran Options

New York Times, Iran’s Foreign Minister Vows ‘All-Out War” if U.S. or Saudis Strike

If Trump asked me for advice, I have no idea at all what advice I might give. Nor do I have any prediction whatsoever about how all this is going to unfold.

But I think we can say this with some confidence. Trump is in a huge mess.

The Iranians have him down where the hairs are short.

This is what happens when you elect an idiot who thinks “being tough” is the same as being nasty on Twitter.

This is what happens when, blinded by greed and/or racism, you choose a moron to lead the nation.

This is what happens when you forget that choices have consequences.

And that character is destiny.